What are the Daughters up to?


Do It Yourself Centerpiece Night at Five Daughters!

Thursday September 27th, 2018

With special teachers Courtney Reid Design and The China Grove


The idea behind it all…


The ladies behind the craft…

Meet Sandra from The China Grove (left) and Courtney Langlois of Courtney Reid Design (right), these ladies are masters at their crafts and the pair up couldn’t be more cool. I personally love the idea of having a gorgeous dinner party with a tablescape that screams ‘I have my $#it together!” But unfortunately I have no eye for design and my flower picking skills are less than suitable for what I see in my head as ideal…. This being said we ventured out at 5D to find people who create simple, yet gorgeous settings and married these two companies to really be able to learn the ins and outs of tablescapes that seem magazine ready, thus was the birth of our very first DIY night at the shop. Now let us not take all of the credit here, Courtney and Sandra met while both women set up at the Bradford Country Clubs bridal boutique and it seems like a match made in heaven that fell right in front of the 5D ladies. While setting up our styled table for promotional photos I got to watch these creative gears work first hand as Courtney pulled out painted flower pedals and Sandra chose delicate and stunning plates with accent colors that were just perfect for the vision we all were trying to create. Something about the way the table was thrown together made it feel so easy but look stunning and that is really what this workshop is all about. Learning that there are no rules and that your creativity should be based around trial and error of what catches your eye. We got to talking and it was very apparent that these women were both so interesting that their stories needed to be told so they were then forced to answer my rapid Q&A email to give me the body for our first fall current event segment for 5D! Let us dive into what these ladies like and how they got started, shall we?